Valdese Weavers traces its roots back to the Swiss Embroidery Company founded in 1915 by Italian immigrants called the Waldensians who settled in Valdese, North Carolina around the turn of the Century.

In 1935, the company was purchased by Harley Shuford who later changed the name to Valdese Weavers, Inc. The company refocused its product to jacquard woven Fabrics and installed weaving, dyeing, and yarn spinning manufacturing capability. Valdese Weavers sold its products into the home furnishing industry as a supplier to furniture manufacturers and distributors.

Today, Valdese Weavers is known as a fashion leader with a vertically integrated manufacturing structure and a mass customization philosophy. We operate four facilities located in Burke County, NC and employee approximately 900 associates.


Come join a workforce that's committed to their strive for excellence.


With over 100 years of experience, Valdese Weavers is a strong company with no indications of slowing down!


All of our products have multiple customizations available due to our flexible workforce and ordering system(s).


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