Utilizing sources worldwide, our Valdese International Products brand (V.I.P.) provides imported decorative fabrics, and flexibility to furniture manufacturers and fabric distributors on a global spectrum.

V.I.P. sources textile products that coordinate and compliment all of our other brands, directly to manufacturers, regardless of location. We concentrate our efforts on unique fabrics we do not manufacture domestically, enhancing our decorative product offerings.

A select group of patterns are created seasonally for the VIP collection, meeting the demands of an ever-changing market environment. These fabrics have a unique ability to be produced globally as needed to meet our customer’s needs.

With a quality assurance team inspecting every yard of production from our certified vendors, V.I.P. ensures quality, while maintaining the Valdese Weavers reputation for on time performance.

Our goal of providing maximum value through customization is central to this brand, capable of creating highly diverse style while acting as an extension of our business with global partners.

As a company we are in the business of inventive problem-solving and superior service – both enhanced through our shared vision to provide products and services to our customers, wherever they choose to conduct business.