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Valdese Weavers traces its roots back to the Swiss Embroidery Company founded in 1915 by Italian immigrants called the Waldensians who settled in Valdese, North Carolina around the turn of the Century.
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We are a 100% Employee Owned company supporting our people through safety, creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship.
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Start your career at Valdese Weavers where employees are also owners in the company.

Valdese Weavers is committed to being an innovative textile leader, thoughtfully designing and responsibly weaving textile products while striving to minimize our impact on the natural resources we share.

Valdese Weavers is a century-old mill deeply rooted in the expertise of storied North Carolina textile manufacturing. Founded in 1915 by industrious Waldensian settlers from Northern Italy who brought fine craftsmanship traditions and transformed by generations of bold, visionary leadership, Valdese Weavers boasts a remarkable heritage. A spirit of ceaseless innovation and growth maintain the company’s unparalleled success and leadership position in the textile industry.

Trading under six distinct brands; Valdese Weavers, Valdese Weavers Contract, Circa 1801, InsideOut Performance Fabrics, Sustain Performance Fabrics and Ease Eco Performance, we have an active backlog of over 200,000 patterns used in products worldwide. Our vertical manufacturing structure allows mass customization like none other in our industry.

Valdese Weavers

At Valdese Weavers, each of our distinct brands has its own individual design studio making us the most prolific design house in the world where creativity is cherished and ideas come from anywhere imaginable. Our talented and seasoned design staff travels the world searching for the latest trends and fashion to provide our customers with a broad range of decorative and durable fabrics to fit every price point.

Design strength coupled with manufacturing progressiveness and a global presence assure our customers have the finest fabrics available delivered in the shortest amount of time. We operate using the most technically advanced world class computer operating system available. Constant growth has created expansive plants capable of producing tens of thousands of yards daily.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Combined, Valdese Weavers four facilities total 688,000 square feet of the latest loom and weaving technologies. As part of our mission to be a responsible textile manufacturer through environmental stewardship and Sustainability, each of our plants feature energy-efficient systems that conserve cost, energy consumption and waste.

Learn more about our commitment to Sustainability.

Main Plant
Main Plant: Weaving, Package Dyeing, Design
Circa Plant
Circa Plant: Yarn MFG, Yarn preparation
Crescent Plant
Crescent Plant: Warp, Slashing, Beam Dyeing
Lovelady Plant
Lovelady Plant: Finishing, QC, Testing, Distribution

As well as the industry leader in decorative jacquard fabrics, Valdese Weavers is also known as a leader in innovative customer service. We are a certified ISO9001 manufacturing facility assuring our customers we meet the international standards for quality assurance. At Valdese Weavers, 24/7-hour access to your orders online ensures constant dependable and reliable service.

Diversity of product combined with our reputation for quality and service helps us secure our position at the forefront of our industry.