Tracing its history back to the early 1900s, Valdese Weavers 100-year success is built on a dedication to our craft, a responsibility to our people, and innovating our products.

Swiss Embroidery Company

Swiss Embroidery Company

Valdese Weavers traces its roots back to the Swiss Embroidery Company founded in 1915 by Italian immigrants called the Waldensians who settled in Valdese, North Carolina around the turn of the Century.
Waldensian Weavers

Waldensian Weavers

The Swiss Embroidery Company goes out of business in 1924 and the property is taken over by the Valdese Manufacturing Company. In April 1926, the mill is bought by Waldensian Weavers; they install looms and begin making tapestries and tufted bedspreads.
Valdese Weavers history

Valdese Weaving Company

The company is purchased out of receivership during the Great Depression by Shuford Mills and named Valdese Weaving Company. Dyeing, slashing, and spinning departments are installed to make the mill self-sustaining. The company sells woven fabric and spun yarn.
Valdese Weavers 1946

Valdese Weavers is Born

Harley Shuford acquires the company and in 1946 changes the name to Valdese Weavers, Inc. The company begins to focus on Jacquard woven fabric products, installs manufacturing capacity for weaving, dyeing and yarn-spinning
Valdese Weavers new facility

New Facility Built

A modern, one-story facility is built on the outskirts of Valdese. New looms are purchased a long with other equipment. By now, 95 percent of all products made is sold to fabric wholesalers or jobbers.
Valdese Weavers old looms

The Uptown Trade Emerges

New Italian Somet looms are purchased, providing more manufacturing flexibility and a product that fulfills the needs of the "Uptown Trade." Bob McKinnon joins the company as CEO.
Valdese Weavers Loom

Finishing Capabilities & Vertical Manufacturing

Valdese Weavers expands its operations to include finishing capabilities implementing a fully vertical manufacturing process.
Valdese Weavers enters residential market

Residential Market

Company enters high end decorative residential market.
Valdese Weavers computer

Automated Design

New system automates design process; company enters RV market.
Valdese Weavers new loom

Home Textiles & Computers

Valdese Weavers enters home textiles market; first Jacquard mill in the world to be totally computer networked.
Valdese Weavers new plant

New Plant

Operations begin at new finishing and distribution plant on Crescent Street.

Contract Market

Valdese Weavers enters contract market.
Valdese Weavers becomes ESOP 1997

Employee Stock Ownership Program & World Ranking

Mike Shelton becomes president and Valdese Weavers rolls out its Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) in January 1997, one of the earliest in the home furnishings industry. Valdese Weavers is ranked No. 8 mill in the world within its sector in 1998.
Valdese Weavers looms

ISO 9001 Certification

Valdese Weavers achieves ISO 9001 certification, affording a level of assurance for customers in consistency and quality of product.
Valdese International Products

Valdese International Products (V.I.P.)

Valdese International Products (V.I.P.) brand is created to offer globally sourced products to complement its domestically produced fabrics.
Valdese Weavers Expansion

Brand Acquisitions & Expansion

Valdese Weavers expand its portfolio through the acquisition of Circa 1801, Home Fabrics and Mastercraft Guild 360 Contract.
Valdese Weavers Ranked No.1 Mill in the World

#1 World Ranking

Valdese Weavers ranked No. 1 mill in the world within its sector.
Valdese Weavers celebrates 100 years

Celebrating 100 Years

Valdese Weavers acquires Dicey Mills and celebrates 100 years in business.
Valdese Weavers a 100% ESOP company

Valdese Weavers Becomes 100% Employee Owned

Eighty years after Harley Shuford and his family acquired the company, Valdese Weavers becomes a 100% employee-owned, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), company, creating a platform of ownership that will propel the company into the future.
Valdese Weavers Launches New Performance Brands

New Performance Brands Launch

Valdese Weavers expands their performance portfolio by launching the first all-in-one performance brand, InsideOut Performance Fabrics, and the value-based yarn performance brand, Sustain Performance Fabric.
Valdese Weavers showroom High Point

New High Point Showroom

Valdese Weavers opens high design showroom on North Hamilton in High Point.
Seaqual InsideOut Performance Fabrics Spring 2022

Renewed Focus on Sustainability

Valdese Weavers reinforces commitment to sustainability with plant upgrades and collaboration with SEAQUAL Initiative on InsideOut performance fabrics made from recycled ocean plastic. Blake Millinor becomes president and CEO.


Through continuous investment in current technologies and people, Valdese Weavers has become the premier source of decorative fabrics for the residential home furnishings and contract markets.

Today, Valdese Weavers is known as a fashion leader with a vertically integrated manufacturing structure and a mass customization philosophy. We operate four facilities located in Burke County, NC and employee approximately 900 associates.

The Future

In our mission to be a 100% employee-owned, responsible textile weaver, Valdese Weavers continues to innovate. In addition to the thousands of annual products we introduce to the market each year, we are currently exploring new technologies across key industries for product advancement, continuing to improve Sustainability practices, and enhancing our employee programs and benefits packages.

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