Valdese Weavers is committed to being an innovative textile leader, thoughtfully designing and responsibly weaving textile products while striving to minimize our impact on the natural resources we share. We fulfill our client’s textile needs while maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and design through constant innovation.

Valdese Weavers' environmentally-conscious products include Ease Eco Performance Fabrics and InsideOut SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a line of performance fabrics made from recycled ocean plastic.

Greenguard Gold
PFAs Free
Ocean Stewardship
OEKO-TEX Certified
Made in the USA
Red List Free
Sustainable Furnishings Council
SEAQUAL Initiative

As we invest to maintain and modernize our world-class facilities, sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly important factors, in addition to safety, quality, and innovation. Heating water and air to dye and dry yarns and fabrics requires a lot of energy. Our looms also require significant electricity and compressed air to weave yarns into fabrics. We have installed state-of-the-art dyeing machines, dryers, and looms that operate very efficiently compared to the previous generations of machines. This all directly contributes to lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As we move forward with setting science-based targets for continued and sustained reductions in GHG emissions, we are evaluating renewable energy and carbon offsets in addition to continued investment in best available equipment for our manufacturing facilities.

Water re-use

Dye House Heat Recovery System

The Heat Recovery System captures already heated water and uses it to pre-heat the hot water system, saving on energy costs such as natural gas and electrical.

Eco Materials

Chemical Dispensing System

Safety is our #1 priority for our associates. Our Chemical Dispensing System has been optimized for enhanced safety and usage savings that reduces chemical waste.

Eco Lighting

Sensor Lights

Our Low Emission sensor lights operate when motion is detected, saving electricity and overhead costs.


Cubotex Dye Machine

Our low-liquor Dye Machines save on water, cut down on chemical usage and improve overall manufacturing efficiency.

Yarn Heat

Thies Lab Dryer

Valdese Weavers enclosed dryers reduce drying times and save energy and overhead costs through efficient processing.


EV Chargers

Valdese Weavers promotes sustainability to employees and visitors by providing EV charging stations in their main parking lot.

Green Plant

High Efficiency Burners

New high efficiency burners installed on the boilers at our plants save on our Natural Gas usage.



Next to every trash can at Valdese Weavers you'll find a recycling bin. In addition to recycling paper, cans, bottles and plastic, we also recycle all textile waste.